Nim was born in 1959.

She lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal.


  • Intervention Art at Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes (National Society of Fine Arts ) in Lisbon (SNBA)
  • Workshop for invited students only at SNBA
  • Painting and Drawing Courses in SNBA
  • «Art History introduction» and «20th Century Art History» at SNBA
  • Etching an engraving courses in Gallery Diferença
  • Collograph Worshop in Gallery Diferença
  • Graduated in Musicology by Lisbon's University  




2020         "5 elevado a 3" Galeria Diferença, Lisboa


2014         Residência Consular em Macau, China


2013          Galeria Diferença, Lisboa    Consulado de Macau / China


2011           Residence André Gouveia / F. C. Gulbenkian, Paris


2010           Centro Nacional de Cultura / Lisbon

                     Ordem dos Médicos / Lisbon


2009            Portuguese Ophthalmology Society / Lisbon


2008            Bank of Portugal / Lisbon


2007            Palácio Ribamar / Municipal Gallery of Algés


2006            Gallery Novo Século / Lisbon Art 





2020          10ª International Printmaking Biennial do Douro    


2019          "40th years of PrintMaking" at  SNBA (National Society of Fine Arts, Lisbon) 


2018          9ª International Printmaking Biennial do Douro


2016          8ª International Printmaking Biennial do Douro         

                   The Hidden Face of Today's Printmaking, Gallery OPUS 14. Lisbon

                   Printmaking Today, Festa do Avante, Seixal 

                   Pianissimo, Music Conservatory of Lisbon


2015         Impressions and Dies, Gallery OPUS 14, Lisbon

                   Gallery Diferença, Lisbon


2014          7ª International Printmaking Biennial do Douro  

                   34th Mini Print International of Cadaqués, Espanha


2013         Gallery Diferença, Lisbon


2012          Gallery Diferença, Lisbon


2011           World Art Miniprint Annual 2011, Lessedra, Bulgaria            

                    Galerie L' Etangd' Art, Bages, France


2010            30th Mini Print International of Cadaqués, Barcelona, Spain

                     Fundació Tharrats d´Art Gràfic, Barcelona, Espanha

                     Wingfield Barns, Suffolk, Inglaterra

                     São Mamede Gallery in Lisbon


2009           Associates Salon of SNBA in Lisbon

                    Intervention Art Exhibition at SNBA in Lisbon          

                    4th Biennale Painting (small sizes) from Alhos Vedros


2008           On Europe / 1st International Biennale of Art - Montijo

                    Gallery Novo Século in Lisbon


2007            3rd Biennale of Coruche


2006             Drawing Collective at SNBA in Lisbon

                      Exhibitions at Hospital Garcia da Horta in Almada


2005            Exhibiton “Art and Spirituality” for the 5th Centenary of S. Francisco Xavier at

                                                                                                         Cordoaria Nacional in Lisbon

                     8th Biennale of Plastics Arts – Award Vespeira in Montijo

                     Series of Exhibitions at Hospital Amadora in Sintra


2002            Collective Exhibitions at Fábrica da Pólvora in Barcarena

                     Annual Exhibitions at Associação dos Artistas Plásticos de Paço de Arcos


2001            Painting Exhibitions at SNBA in Lisbon






2015         Nim (Teresa Castanheira) published the book: "Colors and Sounds a dialogue between                                   painting and music of the twentieth century",  Editora Livros Horizonte


2012        She published the book:  "History of music - an introdution"  witht he support of El Corte Inglés


2007         Nim is involved making a crossover between Painting and Music from all different                                             periods, having produced some multimedia videos and given some conferences on the subject, in                  different important institutions such as:


- National Museum of Ancient Art, Lisbon

- Foundation / Paula Rego Museum, Cascais

National Center of Culture, Lisbon

- Portugal's House from Foundation Calouste Gulbenkian, in Paris

- Foundation Rui Cunha, at Macau, Chine



                   Also has worked as Costume Designer/Figurinist in two child operas (Benjamin Britten's Noye´s                     Fludde and Ifwith popular portuguese music) at the Sintra Music Festival. 


2005 / 2010

She regularly gives conferences and courses in Music History Introduction

in different institutions such as Centro Cultural de Belém, Centro Nacional de

Cultura, Banco de Portugal, El Corte Inglés, Casa dos Patudos, and

Câmara Municipal de Cascais.



Nim was a music columnist and critic for seven years for one of the most prestigious 

 portuguese newspapers: Semanário Expresso.